Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ruby 6 ... Pure Gold

I went to Lisa at Ruby 6 in the Village for the first time after getting an orange tinted one-process dye job (pictured in below top left frame). I wanted a deep red, but in the sun, my hair took on a hue that mimicked a SF Giants jersey that had been washed 10000 times. Although I'm pale, I have an olive skin tone, and my hair just made me look washed out and a little green.

I found Lisa in a NY magazine review... I went in for consult and she asked:

"They let you leave the salon like that?"


She noted that the top of my head was a few shades lighter than the bottom, and said, "Did they at least acknowledged they did something wrong?"


She assured me it was easy to fix. She (unlike the other salon) let my roots set for longer, and painted parts of my hair at different intervals. It came out an even rich Auburn that put a smile back on my face. I even made Lisa's Facebook page :)

A few months ago, I would have just dealt with the washed out Wilma Flintstone color; after all, I am lucky to be alive and feeling well - isn't that enough? Call me greedy but I want more. I want to feel pretty... Isn't that what every girl wants? In the words of my dear friend Joe, "no one wants to go through life feeling like an old pair of shoes shoved in the back of the closet."



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  1. Beautifully done! It is so worth having hair done well & done right.