Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photographing Your Monster

I stumbled on this great UK article where a photographer used mini figurines to bring their nano tank to life. One of the cutest things about angler fish is when they use their little lures to fish ... I think this picture is brilliant. Below is a collage of our anglers playing around angler eggs! (They are under the red one... Looks like a smoke swirl).


Above is Victor's tank as of April 2014. We tried Brazilian anglers, who use a worm lure. Sadly, they had a bacterial infection we are still treating. That's the luck of getting wild fish ... They can carry disease. Most big time aquarist have quarantine tanks for first few weeks of getting a new fish ... It's an option we are looking into. As you can see the coral is flourishing ... Thought it would be neat to show bubble coral eating - it reminds me of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

[LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS last lines, director's cut]

Company: [singing] Hold your hat and hang on to your soul/Something's coming to eat the world whole/If we fight it, we've still got a chance/But whatever they offer you/Though they're slopping the trough for you/Please whatever they offer you/Don't feed the plants!/Don't feed the plants!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Care and Feeding of Your Monster

We have a new hobby - salt water aquariums... And other than beautiful corals, our prize possessions are frogfish aka angler fish.They use little lures attached to their heads to "go fishing" and look like little old men. They are hysterical to watch and are fairly tolerant of each other - with the exception of the occasional "I'm pushing you off this rock" game. They can expand their mouths to eat prey bigger than they are.

They are very hard to keep and we lost a couple (including the big mouth brown painted frogfish above). We also lost this little (Pikachu #1) because an urchin sucked off one of his legs. He survived a while in a hospital tank but finally died because he refused to eat :(

Finally we loss the below yellow baby giant frogfish to a bacteria infection (despite saving him from an aggressive starfish):
So we've already had some very sad moments. Anglers are so expressive and cute that they are more like puppies than fish, and really wiggle their way into your heart. Right now we have 4 little guys... We keep everyone fed so they don't eat each other.

Here is a video of our newest little monster eating a black molly. He was so frustrated "fishing" in his new tank we had to put him in a mini feeding container.
One important note  - anglers can never be out of water... Not even a second - so transferring him was a but nerve wracking. The current crew: Pikachu #2, OG, BIG RED, and Sunkist... Pictures to come.

Victor and I have 2 reef tanks and can sit for hours watching out little ocean worlds. I'm incredibly blessed to have a hobby with my partner that we both obsesses over - it taps into our creative sides. So stay tuned for frogfish updates and coral reviews!