Monday, August 25, 2014

Crossing Crossroads

This is the summer of new experiences and fresh fashion, so what better way to fund an updated style than selling some old clothes? I've never been to a clothing reseller before, so I scoured Yelp for the inside scoop on where to go and what to sell; based on the reviews, I settled on Crossroads in the Village.

In general, BUY-SELL clothing stores offer you either 55% of the estimated sale price in store credit, or 35% cash on the spot - which seemed like a gamble worth my time. So I meticulously sorted through my closet and gathered (what I thought to be) a diverse selection of hot cake sellers... some still sporting their original tags. Bulging ecofriendly bag in hand, I boarded the subway from Queens to Manhattan, ready to make a little scratch.

When I arrived at Crossroads, I put my name on their "sell waiting list" and browsed a bit. They had a lot of worn out H&M / American Eagle, with a few smatterings of higher priced ticketed items. When they called my name 20 minutes later, I felt fairly optimistic.

One by one, the sales girl examined each item with paulpable disdain; as if I had just dragged in a trashbag of old unmatched socks, which she now had to sort through.

Finally, she stopped looking bored long enough to announce that I wasn't "in line with current trends" and took only one piece - a Forever XXI shirt with the $18 tag still on it... for which I got a whopping $2.28 - less than the cost of my subway ride home.

All in all, it was a disappointing experience. I left feeling even more desperate to update my seasonal frocks than before - but without any extra spending money.

If I were to reapproach the concept again, I would load up on cheap sundresses from Forever XXI type stores in May and June, and dump the ones that were so-so at the start of August. ... In the meantime I'll take the sales girl's advice and check out this season's fall fashions on their blog to see if I've got anything up to "Crossroads' style standards" that I can recycle... If for no other reason than for a little fashion vindication.


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