Monday, August 8, 2011

Visiting Home - Fallbrook, CA

Paradise: My Mom's Back Yard

After our Santa Fe trip, Diana and I spent a couple of days at my mom's house in Fallbrook, CA, and laid by the pool, ate great food, and met her new horse Andy.

This is Andy (and what he thinks of me)

... and this is me trying to bribe him with carrots.

After the stables - mom and I traded in the carrots for a Hawaiian lunch

...and then, Diana and I took in a car show.

Diana and I even got to see a movie during our visit: Cowboys & Aliens, which I give 5 out of 5 stars. I can't believe the critics who slammed the film... the movie is about cowboys versus aliens - what did they expect?? Like Snakes on a Plane (another classic), the movie doesn't purport to be anything more than what it is - fun, campy brilliance. (Then again, I am somewhat of an eccentric aficionado of fantastically bad B films - as evidenced by the fact that I consider Shark Attack 3: Megalodon one of the greatest movies ever made.)

On Sunday, my sister met up with Diana and I for an afternoon Padres game. Now, I'm a Yankees fan and Diana is a Giants fan - but baseball is baseball, and neither of us had been to Petco Park. On the way down to San Diego, we gave Meredith a crash course in the basic rules and strategy of baseball. It turned out to be a great game between two not-so-great teams (Padres vs. Rockies), which resulted in a win for the home team. Bonus - we had insanely good seats (15 rows from the field), which only cost $38 a piece on StubHub.

After the ballgame, we dropped Diana off at the San Diego airport for her return flight to San Francisco, and Meredith and I drove up to Claremont for some sistah time.

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