Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kennebunkport, ME

We stayed overnight at my Aunt's house in Wakefield, Mass on Monday night, in order to make my appointment with Dr. Kulke Tuesday morning at 8:15 am. We were done at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute around 11 am, and did the only thing we could following a disappointing doctor's appointment that basically left us with no answers and no plan of action - we drove to Maine for lobster rolls.

We were a bit apprehensive given that Road Food's "best clams" suggestion was a big flop; but the book assured us that The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport Maine was THE place for lobster rolls. It was a split decision - I loved them while Gary was so - so on them. They were no frills - just one lb of fresh lobster drenched in butter on freshly baked bread. The lobster meat was delicate and fresh - the lobster claws in particular were sweet and the perfect firmness.

After lunch, we did some strolling around - Kennebunkport is a fishing town on the coast, with a lot of amazing houses overlooking the ocean. We decided to get some blueberry pie at Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant. Gary was tempted to try another lobster roll - but opted for "Yankee style" clam chowder instead, which was outstanding: creamy and filled with fresh hunks of clams and roasted potatoes. My blueberry pie was equally good... I guess Maine wild blueberries are a regional specialty, and the locally grown ones are much smaller than the ones in the supermarket, with a tangy flavor punch.

Political Note:

George W. and Laura Bush have their vacation "compound" in Kennebunkport. They too love Mabel's blueberry desserts ... but trust me, the pie transcends politics.

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