Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Treats

Last night I got two treats - Gary and I got to hang out with two of our favorite people in the world: Chris and Christine AND we got ice cream filled crepes from Cake, Bake and Roll on Long Branch's "boardwalk" - Pier Village.

Christine and I both got the coffee-chocolate-chunk ice cream with our crepes, and although the flavors were absolutely delicious, the ice cream melted too quickly because it was actually stuffed inside of the crepe rather than resting on top of it. Next time, I'll just have to be more "hands-on" in the assembly process.

It's a cute place; I especially liked the little bistro touches like the European lazy-susan ice cream wheel. According to the weather index, yesterday "felt like" 115 degrees, so the fact that the cool Ocean breeze made it bearable enough to eat outside made the crepes (and evening) that much sweeter.


  1. wow, what a coincidence!! last night i also got to hang out with two of my favorite people in the whole world!!! thanks so much to the both of you!!!!

  2. Wow that sounds yummy! I must try...