Friday, July 22, 2011

Colonoscopy Results

Even though this was my 5th bowel prep in 15 months, all did not go exactly as planned.

I had major vomiting and fever issues, and lost 5.6 lbs between 4 pm Mon afternoon and 5:30 am Tues morning. In fact, I actually started blacking out right before my iv went in, which - thankfully - has never happened before.

The great news is that they got me stabilized, and my colonoscopy came back free from any further growths! We are really happy with the end results (no pun intended), and I'm relieved that I don't need another one until next year.

On a side note - Gary and I love my RWJ colorectal oncological surgeon who does my yearly tests (Dr. Maloney-Patel). She just recently had a baby girl, so we got her a little newborn outfit as a small token of our gratitude for her amazing ongoing care and support. (I must have looked a bit odd in the ambulatory surgery waiting room - wearing a cancer survivor shirt and two hospital id bracelettes, with a baby present on my lap...)

It turns out that I was Dr. Maloney-Patel's first patient back from maternity leave, and that her baby girl - Nina - shares my birthday (May 14th). Somehow the "cuteness" of this news overshadowed the miserableness of the prep, and I couldn't help but flash a big, toothy smile at the anesthesiologist, right before he put me under.

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  1. so glad to hear about the great results!

  2. so glad to hear about the great results minus how sick you got. poor baby...I hate them ugggh...Thank god we have them annually.