Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yea, I'm THAT Viewer... aka no longer one of Bethenny's girls

When I was a kid hanging with grandma, anyone who crossed her was subject to "a nasty letter." These were not empty threats. I can still see her clearly, sitting at the kitchen table ... Laying down beautifully scripted letters onto one of her many charity adorned notepads (you know - those long skinny pads of paper that come with donation envelopes)... a seemingly unending roll of stamps within arms reach. Her words were elegant and biting; she was a school teacher after all.

Fast forward to 2013... Now even lazy, inarticulate people can write "nasty letters" through social media. However, many of these "joe-lunch boxes" fail to put any thought into composition, audience or purpose. These days verbal tourettes seem to have replaced constructive dialogue. Well, this week I took a page outta grandma's play book, and fired off an angry message myself to the talk show host Bethenny - of all people.

My Bethenny Facebook post lasted maybe 5 min before it came down ... But I finally got what grandma has known for so long - speaking one's mind to "strangers" whom need reality checks is a cathartic experience worth the effort. My Facebook post was about the nauseating twitter backlash to the new Miss America, and Bethenny's failure to address a serous epidemic in this country: racism. ( See below)

Racist Tweets Against Davuluri:

My Facebook Post on Bethenny:

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  1. It's like a punch in the gut to read these types of tweets. Good on you for pointing out a missed opportunity for real impact. ~Catherine