Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Echocardiogram Appointment

I have an echocardiogram scheduled for tomorrow, to check my heart valves. The good news is that I have low blood pressure - the weird thing is that ever since my surgery, my heart rate actually DROPS with strenuous exercise (riddle me that one Batman).

I am sure my echo will be fine. I've had a bunch of EKGs, which have come out alright with the exception of a "flipped" heart beat, and both Dr. Nash and my general practitioner told me not to worry about the dropping heart rate. Also, I learned that the relationship between blood pressure and heart rate is a dynamic one - meaning they don't always rise and fall together.

I guess tomorrow's echo results will just add a few more pieces of information to my puzzle.

Blood Pressure History

March: 100/60
April: 113/66
May: 116/67
July: 92/60
March 7th: 105/60

Heart Rate Averages (post-surgery)
Average Resting Heart Rate: 84-90
Resting Heart Rate on March 7th: 72
Average Heart Rate Moderate Exercise: 120-132
Average Heart Rate Strenuous Exercise: 66-72

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