Tuesday, February 22, 2011

San Francisco Day 3

On Monday, we enjoyed another sunny day (despite the Weather Channel's gloomy predictions), and visited the epicenter of the 60's Hippie movement: Haight-Ashbury.

The day started with breakfast at Crepes on Cole with Diana's friend Rich. Then we walked down to the Haight for some shopping and a trip to Amoeba Music, which is a music-lover's paradise in one big building.

After several hours of strolling amongst the nostalgic tell-tale signs of an era of free- love and flower-power, we drove out to Ocean Beach to watch the sunset over the Pacific.

Next, Diana and I saw her niece's basketball game (she's in 3rd grade) while Christine packed. Afterward, we picked up some Pete's Coffee and Sees Candy

before heading over to The Clay Oven (Indian food) for dinner.

On a side note: Christine's chocolate and coffee gift purchases turned out to be very pricey indeed since they pushed her luggage over the weight limit - which cost her a whooping $50! Well worth it I say ;)

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