Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakfast at IHOP

Ok. IHOP is not exactly the best place for a low fat / low fiber / low residue diet. Sure, I could have had some turkey bacon and scrambled eggbeaters - but come on, who goes to IHOP for eggbeaters? Personally, I only go for one reason: crepes.

So before we went, I looked up a typical crepe recipe: 2 eggs, 3 cups milk, 1 1/2 cup flour, 1 tbs sugar, 1 tsp salt.... all things that are on my approved diet! Since I can't have fruits or vegetables, I reasoned that as long as I ordered the German crepes (lemon butter) instead of my usual Swedish crepes (lingonberry butter) I was well within my confines.

It was just like that old Bill Cosby skit in which he justifies feeding his kids chocolate cake for breakfast because he thinks about what's in chocolate cake and comes up with such nutritional ingredients as eggs, milk and flour (and gets into big trouble with his wife).

While plain pancakes are on my approved list of foods, delicious crepes fried and drenched in lemon butter are not (you are meant to avoid rich, fried food). I had two of these golden delights, and 10 min later needed to pop an emergency nausea pill. I'm still a bit queasy, and think I'll avoid IHOP for a while, but all and all - it was worth it.


  1. What about flour/water pancakes, like you made me when you were little? Oh! I just remembered what you can make-- Spaghetti omelet!!!!

  2. Oh yes...I remember frying up flour/water "crepes" for us all the time - little did I know then that my recipe could double as paper mache glue. The speghetti omelet though - that might be worth reviving! (Funny, I was just talking about my famous creation a couple of weeks ago...before then, I haven't thought about it in years.)