Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clear Liquid Diet

This is my first "mobile" blog entry. Last night I was treated to my grandmother's delicious homemade lasagna and Hoffman's ice cream with the Gozicks before topping off the evening with fresh squeezed lemonade on the Point Pleasant boardwalk.

Today, I start my clear liquid diet: Coffee (without milk); Ginger Ale; Jello; Juice (no pulp), Ice Tea

The purpose of the diet is to get my calorie count up while "eating" easily digestible food that won't leave any intestinal residue. It's a little strange because some items don't "look" clear (coffee) but are considered clear for the purposes of the diet.

This is my third time on this diet in the last four months, but the first time a nurse really explained it to me and said I could have coffee.

As long as I can have coffee, then the rest is a cake walk (bad idiom). It's a little like that scene in the movie "Airplane" when the flight attendant is explaining that there is no captain and the plane is crashing to a calm group of passengers who begin whispering, and then quietly announces: "and we are out of coffee" at which point absolute chaos breaks out. Never underestimate the power of caffeine (nor the comedic genius of Leslie Nielson).

Really, I have nothing to complain a couple of months I'll be back to eating whatever I want; diabetics have a daily, life-long restrictive diet -- which is much, much worse.

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