Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NET Tumors: When Size Matters

Because carcinoid tumors are "slow growing" cancers, the likelihood of whether or not the tumor metastasized (spread) is directly proportional to its size. Typically:

If the tumor is less than 1 cm, then there is only a 5% chance that it has metastasized

If the tumor is 1-2 cm, then there is a 40-45% chance that it has metastasized

If the tumor is over 2 cm, then then there is more than a 50% chance it has metastasized.

About 50% of carcnoid tumors occur in the digestive system, 30% in the lungs, and 20% in other organs.

The carcinoid tumor, found in my appendix, was 3cm when it was removed. My gynecological oncologist explained that the treatment for a carcinoid tumor of this size was a right hemicolectomy, and she arranged for me to meet with a doctor she's worked with at RWJ in the past (Dr. Maloney Patel).

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