Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Carcinoid Cancer Awareness

Zebra stripes are used to symbolize rare or “camouflaged” conditions. The Carcinoid community wants med students to flip the old adage, and think: “When you hear hoof beats don't assume it's a horse, it might be a zebra.”

Wearing a zebra pin or a zebra-striped bracelet or ribbon shows your support to promote awareness and to fund the education and research needs related to carcinoid cancer.



  1. Thank you for this... I am creating a support ribbon.

  2. thankyou for the info. I have been dealing with this for almost eight years now. I have had three operations two rfa amd one to remove the primary tumor in my small bowel. The expense is enormous for the sandastation injections but what are you supposed to do? To everyone that is suffering with this keep fighting Life is worth the struggle Joe VA.

  3. Joe - you are so right...I'm lucky in that this blog has helped me gain courage and strength from others in the carcinoid community. It makes the fight a little easier.