Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home from China

We got back from China on Sunday. 

I couldn't post while I was overseas because blogger - like many other social media sites - is blocked by the Chinese government. I really want to share some of my incredible experiences, but quite frankly I'm too darn tired. (I'm still adjusting to a 12 hour time difference.)  For now, I'll  just post a few of my pictures in order to preview some future posts on the history, cuisine and culture of China.

We saw such historical structures as The Great Wall (above) and Terracotta Warriors.

We were able to sample some traditionally authentic Chinese food - jellyfish and all.

We also got to chuckle at some of the extraordinarily awkward translations... like this one - a donation box at the airport labelled: "Shanghai Workers Foundation for Assisting the Difficult" 

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