Monday, March 12, 2012

Day at Balboa Park

Artist studio at Balboa Park in San Diego
Whenever I don't write a blog for a while, I always want to start out like a 13-year-old girl who has neglected her bubble-gum pink puffy-vinyl covered diary for too long (ok - like a 1980s 13-year-old):

Dear Diary,
Sorry I haven't written for so long diary. A lot has happened. 

Truth is, a lot HAS happened... not the least of which was that I finished out the rest of my wonderful vacation with my mom. One of my favorite days was the one we spent together in Babloa Park - where we ate calamari fries, meditated at the Japanese tea gardens, marveled at the Spanish colonial architecture, and took a trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo (where I got some GREAT shots of my favorite zebra pals).

Since I've been back in Jersey, I've been able to see two movies (Pina and The Artist), throw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend, and had my yearly teaching review.

And I got sick.

So I guess all I can say is - I'm back modern-blogger-diary, and I'll try to write more often in the future.

Japanese Tea Garden at Balboa Park
One of the Many Amazing Buildings at Balboa Park

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