Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baking My First Apple Pie - From Scratch

Last weekend, my friend Michelle was kind enough to teach Christine and I how to bake an apple pie from scratch. Michelle is a legendary cook, and can out bake southern belle Paula Deen in a pie contest with one hand tied behind her apron...

So the day started off where any great pie should - in the orchard, picking our own apples.

Next, the cooking class began in Michelle's kitchen. As Michelle supervised Christine and I making our pies, the guys gathered in the living room to watch football and snack on a cheese plate, complete with homemade spiced pumpkin seeds, bread, and chutneys (of course deliciously made by Michelle).

Then, my pie went into the oven while we all enjoyed apple cider and other libations. (Christine took her pie home to bake.)

"Now all that's left is to put it on the windowsill for a hobo to steal" - our friend Chaya after we pulled my pie from the oven.

Half of my pie was eaten at Michelle's house, and Gary and I took the other half home. The next morning, I had the best fall breakfast in the world: a warm piece of homemade apple pie with two scoops of Ben and Jerry's limited edition pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.


  1. That looks great! And how fun to have picked your own apples for baking!!

  2. Thanks sistah!

    Stephanie - that's a real compliment coming from you - I've "seen" via cyber space what you can do in the kitchen :)