Saturday, April 9, 2011

CT Scan and Dr. Nash at Sloan Kettering

(Gary catches me looking contemplative while getting my contrast IV - as if I'm pondering my mortality or the meaning of life ... when actually, I am just thinking about how awkward my knee-high leather boots look with my paper gown.)

Just a quick update on my CT scan (which stands for "computed axial tomography") and followup appointment with Dr. Nash yesterday.

First, the good news.

It turns out that Dr. Nash reads my blog (how awesome is that?), and he started the appointment by correcting some information in one of my previous posts. Some medical journals lead me to believe that my likelihood of cancer recurrence was high, but Dr. Nash said that given the fact the cancer wasn't in my lymphnoids, my recurrence rate could be as low as 10% - which is fantastic!

Now, the other news.

The CT revealed two small spots on my liver, which probably are nothing to worry about - but since I have these other symptoms, I have to go for an MRI on Monday just as an extra precaution. If the cancer has spread to the liver, then there could be a chance that my other symptoms are being caused by carcinoid syndrome. If the cancer hasn't spread to the liver, then I have to go to a bunch of other specialists to try to figure out my pain issues. Either way, Monday will yield some answers and I can move forward - which will be a big relief.

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